The Reflection Challenge

Work on your life not just in it!

What can you do to change the world?

30 Day Reflection Challenge

The Reflection Challenge was inspired by you! It's a way for us to stay connected as a community to work together to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

The Reflection Challenge is not a one-time exercise, but a regular challenge you can do every month. I see this challenge as a perfect opportunity to have fun and buddy up. Choose a close friend to do the challenge with and keep each other accountable. Or join the Reflection Challenge community and share.

If you miss a day, don’t let that discourage you or stop you from continuing on for the month. Keep moving forward and next month try not to let that same day slip. Remember it takes time to create a habit, just don’t give up!

1: Spend at least an hour in silence.

This should be for personal time, not professional time. You can meditate, journal, pray or write. This is your time and the longer the better. 
Choose a quiet place and if it lands on a day off, maybe go to the lake or in the woods. Make this time special and look forward to it every month. This is why I made it the first challenge of the month. Let’s start out the month right.

2: Call a grandparent, parent, sibling, aunt, uncle or someone very close to you.

(Someone you don’t call as often as you should.)
The people we are closest to are the ones that we most neglect. Let’s change that together. Why do we do this when they are the people we should be giving our best? Because they love us and it’s easy to push them aside. Not anymore. Make sure this person is someone that you usually don’t call like you should. Your mother or sister?

My mom and sister have a joke, they will call my voicemail and if they hear a new voicemail with today’s date, they know I’m still alive. This is because I change my voicemail every day. Funny or sad? You decide. Everyone laughs when my mom and sister tell this story, but I’m not proud of it and am going to change this.

3: Pamper Yourself Today.

Another day for you. A date by yourself. You have to make time and pamper yourself.
Get a massage or a pedicure or even better, both!
Take a nap in the middle of the day.
Sh-sh shopping day? Sorry for my men readers. This one is most likely for the girls.
Eat your favorite dessert. Just one day a month is ok.
Take a nice, long, warm bath and read your favorite novel.

4: Send a handwritten note expressing gratitude.

This can be sent to anyone, close or not close to you. Who has done something nice for you that you can say thank you to?  Don’t use a stock card but instead stop off at a card shop and pick up a special one just for them. Make it special, make them feel special. 

5: Forgive someone that did something wrong to you. The bigger the better!

Think of someone who has wronged you in the recent or not so recent past, it really doesn’t matter. I’m sure you can come up with a list of people if you think about it and have that list ready to choose from for the months ahead. Just do one and save the rest for future months. I’m excited to see the “triggers” we will all have for our future bad days. There are people that we should show more love, acceptance and accountability to.  

6: Forgive yourself for making a mistake or a wrong choice. 

This is “you” time. This is meant to be personal between “you” and “you.” Write it down and tear it up or even better, just burn it. I think I’ll burn mine. 

7: Call an old friend to reconnect.

Make sure it’s someone that you haven’t talked with for at least a year. With Facebook this will be easy. If you don’t have their phone number just send them a private message on FB and ask for it. Just say you want to connect and they will most likely respond.

I live 30 miles from the city I was raised in. I attended elementary, junior high and high school all in the same city. Why do I not make time to connect with my old friends? Why are they old friends and not today’s friends? Because I have not made time to connect with them. I will share later in my professional core practice Get Connected how important it is to connect with the people you need to help your business, but we need to also connect with people in our personal life.

This is something I need to improve. I have been focused for so many years on my professional life, I have neglected my personal life when it comes to connecting.

I teach that life is balanced and this is no different. I’m committed. Are you?
There is always time, if you make the time!
Make sure to make this call about the person you are reaching out to, not yourself. Use the FORD conversation I will share in my professional core practice Get Connected to get you started.

8: Sit with a trusted friend/coach/therapist and pour your heart out.

This doesn’t have to take a lot of time. You can just take a few minutes if you want and share how you really feel. It’s ok if you feel depressed, not deserving or not confident. Be honest and vulnerable. Get it off your chest so you can move on.  I know I have feelings like this some days and when they are shared; the feeling is the same as on “Day 5” when you burn your note to yourself. The burden is gone and you can move on. 
 This is not the time to complain about someone else. It’s time to share that you are not perfect and have days you don’t feel confident and just need someone to share it with. 

9: Pay someone - anyone - a true, deep, thought-out compliment.

Have you ever had someone pay you a compliment like this? It feels good, doesn’t it? Now do this for someone else and see how it feels.

10: Reflect on what your life will look like five years from now.

What is your dream and what does your life look like?  You may already do this every night before you go to bed but that is your regular routine. This day is extra special. Make it at a special time; slate it between 12-3 pm., right in the middle of the day. Take 15 to 30 minutes and just dream. Shut your office door, or put a “do not disturb” sign outside your cubicle that says “My time to dream.”

11: Unexpectedly do something for a stranger.

I do this every day when I smile at a stranger, let someone over in traffic or give them my perfect parking spot. 
 But this day will be different… Let me think… I got it: I’ll go through Starbucks drive through and buy the car behind me their coffee. Or… I got another one: I’m going to stop off at the grocery store and pick up one yellow rose and give it to the first stranger I see this morning. I guess it will be someone I meet at the cash register. OMG I’m so excited and I will look forward to this day the most! 
These are going to be mine. What will be yours? I can’t wait for you to share with me! We can all get ideas from each other.

12: Do something spontaneous. This is another one that is all about you! You and you alone.

(Remember this is spontaneous so don’t plan it out)
Do you have a bucket list? If you don’t have one, make one but make it an easy bucket list of things you can do in a day so it is simple for you to be spontaneous. You want to have your list ready so when you wake up this morning, you just close your eyes and point to the page. Where did your finger land? Ok, this is what you will do. 
 I think on my list I will have: Go to a theater all by myself and get a big bag of popcorn, cotton candy and a pop! The pop I never do, but it would be spontaneous so I will do it! 
 I think I will also have on my list: Stop by the pet store and play with the animals. 
I know I will definitely have on my list: Stop by Lake Washington in Kirkland and lay on the grass and jam to my favorite inspirational music.
When crossing the 520 bridge I always see kayakers and say to myself "that would be fun." Why have I never done it? Well I will!
I might even climb a tree like I did as a child. I have never done this as an adult.
I have so many ideas but I want to save sharing them for when I’m in the moment with you! Please share your spontaneous small bucket list with me, so I can be inspired by your ideas, too.

13: Help someone out. 

(Someone close or not close to you. Just help someone!)
This can be big or small. I know if this was my husband Dave's choice, he would mow someone’s yard, but not me. It must be something you enjoy! 
You may make a future commitment. Offer to cover a co-works shift. Give them an IOU card. I have always wanted to just volunteer at a restaurant as a waitress just to experience my younger years and I know this would build new triggers of memories of my early years. I can easily do this, because I have friends that own restaurants. I just need to do it. How fun could this be?
Maybe I could show up on the strawberry fields in Puyallup and pick, but give my earnings to one of the working families. This would be considered helping someone.
Offer to baby sit a friend’s child.  Parents could always use a day off!
What about offering to help someone move? Ok, this would be another Dave one. I don't know about me. Maybe I could garden for someone?

14: Send someone flowers.

You can do this for anyone you care about or anyone that you haven’t made time to get to know, who is a good person. What a way to say, “You are deserving.” Sending flowers will make their day and maybe change it all together!

15: Surprise someone with a visit.

I have neighbors that I never just stop by to see. This may be a challenge for me but I guess that’s why I named it the “Reflection Challenge”.
I may also drive to one of my referral partners and just stop in to say “Hi!”.

16: Do something that's out of your comfort zone.

I live in Seattle so if it’s raining, I’m going running! Maybe on another day I will go downtown and hold out a sign that says “Live Your Dream Now!”.
Or maybe I will just jump into Lake Washington in the winter.

17: De-clutter a section in your home or office.

If I do this every month I will never have anything in my home or office in disarray. Congratulations if this is the case, you get to take this day off. But before you take the day off, don’t forget all those junk drawers. 

18: Volunteer your time.

I do this on a regular basis and I will say from experience, it’s one of the best ones on the list, especially if you volunteer your time at a shelter.
Another good place to volunteer your time is at schools. We all have a unique gift or message that we can share with our children. Your message can change their lives. They are so impressionable at their young ages.  What about a senior community. There are so many seniors that don’t have anyone. Volunteer your time to just sit with them. I love to play cards, this would be fun. Canasta anyone?
If you don’t have a lot of time this day, just ask anyone you run into that day what you can help them with. Leave it as an open ended question. If they say “nothing,” move on to the next person, if they say “nothing” too, explain what you are doing and that today’s challenge is to volunteer your time. I’m sure they will be willing help you and have something you can do for them.
I'm going to add to my charitable time to volunteer at an animal shelter. I just have to be careful with this one because knowing me; I would want to take an animal home. 
Have fun with this one!

19: Work on a bad habit.

Stay on the same bad habit until you have mastered it and then move to another one. You will not quit a bad habit overnight, it will take time and maybe a long time and that’s ok just keep working on it and don’t quit or move on until you have nailed this one.
When you're trying to stop a bad habit, focus on the gain not what you are giving up. 

I can’t wait to hear from you on this challenge.

20: Spend quality time with someone special to you.

Today’s the day to set a date with your significant other, your closest friend, or a family member.
Just pick up the phone and schedule them. If we don’t intentionally do this, we may find that by the end of the month we have not made time for a date we know we want. 
Make a special date with your child. What do they want to do that you have not made time to do with them. You know you will have fun whatever it is, since the time is spent with your child. This is the day to do it. Play a game? Playing dollhouse or Barbie’s? 
Maybe go out on the town or just watch a special movie at home. Anything your special person wants to do. Let them decide! Maybe I’ll watch a sports game with my husband, Dave. If you know me, you know this day is surely not about me. Sports? But I will be spending quality time with my husband so I will enjoy the moment.

21: Tell someone what you will do to improve your relationship with them. 

After spending a great time with your special person from yesterday, now commit to do something you know they would love you to do.
Maybe you could commit to not take calls during a certain time of the day.
Maybe you can pitch in more. You will know what they want. 
Make sure you can follow through with what you are saying you will do. You don’t want to commit and then not do it, so it’s ok if it is something easy and small. Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most.
Maybe I will give Dave a back rub. He is the one who always gives me back rubs. Maybe I will do the laundry or unload the dishwasher. Dave always does these too. I know what you are thinking, “What a great husband!” and you would be correct.

22: Donate money to a good cause.

There are so many places you can donate money. What is important to you? Think about it and make a donation today.
If finances are tight, think about donating clothes. I’m sure you can find things in your closet that you have not worn in six months. It’s time to donate them.

23: Do something that makes you uncomfortable.

Something that a lot of people can relate to is public speaking. Just do it. The benefit of doing something that makes you uncomfortable is that you may just find out you’re actually good at it. 
Conquer your fears and you will grow into the person you are meant to be. With this challenge it’s important to share it with someone so you have an accountability partner. 

24: Spend time in nature. 

I love nature. Nature, when you embrace it, is like magic and can transform you. This challenge is a natural way to get to that special place.
I think nature is spiritual and inspires creativity.
Take a hike in the woods. Take a rowboat or kayak trip. Garden in your yard. Camp in your backyard.Take your dog to the dog park. Is it snowing? Go play in it!

25: Disconnect from one thing for the day.

No phone, no email, no social media or no TV. Just one thing, that’s all.

26: Create something that has nothing to do with work.

Cook a great meal. Do a craft.
Perhaps share this Reflection Challenge with someone on your list when making a surprise visit #15.

27: Take inventory of the people around you. 

Any person that is taking energy from you, reevaluate that relationship.
It’s important when becoming the person you want to be, to continue to take inventory of the people you have in your space that are bringing you down.

28: Express compassion to someone in pain.

Do you spend time on social media? Be intentional today and reach out to someone that needs a friend. If they’re talking about a feeling or need, they are asking for help, and you can choose to be there for them. Your kind words can go a long way.

29: Today don’t react negatively to anything or anyone all day.

On this day it’s important to make note of the tempting things that would have normally caused a reaction from you. After you do this challenge every month, you will find that you have trained yourself not to react and this day will just become a free day.

30: Ask what is really important to someone and then take time to really listen.

Once you take note of what is really important to someone, you can use this information on another reflection challenge day.
I think as we do the Reflection Challenge together we will all realize that we actually have a lot of free time. Free time that we are using for things that will not help us grow. TV or maybe sleeping in?
How excited are you about your life? Are you embracing every minute of your day to live your life for you and for others? This is what the Reflection Challenge is all about.

I am excited to be your Reflection Challenge partner, so please share! 

I named this the Reflection Challenge because I wanted to help us all create "triggers" we can reflect back to when the day is not going so well.

I know it may be hard to do all 30 every month but do your best. Start with your favorite day’s challenges and add as you can. Just think if you did make time to do something great everyday how your life would change.
Be intentional and live an intentional life!
A must watch movie if you have not have already seen it, is “Pay It Forward” released in 2000. Even if you have seen it, watch it again. It’s an unforgettable movie.

The reflection challenge community is a space for us to come together and share how the daily challenges are changing our life and the lives of others around us. It's a space to buddy up and have accountability partners where together we can change the world.  Please join in and embrace the reflection challenge!


Sincerely,Tina Mitchell