One-Timing Topics

Opportunity Session: Group share a one-timing opportunity (problem or challenge)

Solution Session: Tina provides a solution for your one-timing opportunity (problem or challenge)

One-timing Topic Introduction: Tina will introduce this week’s topic

One-timing Topic Discussion: Group will share key take away from the topic introduction

Wrap Up and Re-wire: Tina will review coursework for the week

Off-time: Opportunity for questions, requests, feedback or share

Curriculum for Each Week

Week 1: Get Organized, Time Blocking, Online Calendar, Voicemail & One-timing

Week 2: Task Management, One-tasking, Checklists & Web Forms

Week 3: Inbox Efficiency, Email Tips, Email Templates & Landing Pages

Week 4: Eliminating Objections & Avoiding Mistakes

Week 5: Scripts, Video & Reviews

Week 6: Presentation, Embracing Your Strengths & Team Building

Week 7: Touch Points, Lead Generation & Database Management (CRM)

Week 8: Next Steps, Time Wasters, Conclusion & Graduation

Are you ready to change your business & change your life?

About Tina

Tina Mitchell | MLO 145420

Mortgage Planner


Tina Mitchell has been in the mortgage industry for over 2 decades and has been recognized in the top 1% Nationwide.  She is a numbers gal so much that she designed a mortgage software and is the founder of Mortgage Triangle Software.

She is committed to the Real Estate community and has been awarded Partner OThe Year from Washington REALTORS, Media Of the Year from Seattle King County REALTORS, and Member Of The Year from Women’s Council of REALTORS.

Tina is a radio personality and host of The Money Hour on 1150AM KKNW.  She is also the host of Coffee with a Superstar interviewing the best of the best in the real estate space.  She is a keynote speaker, coach on One-Time Your Business™, and the author of Journey With Me.

She is passionate about her career in the mortgage industry because of the challenges her family faced with keeping a roof over their heads.  Helping others reach their dream of home ownership is very rewarding to Tina.  She also volunteers her time in the homeless community by sharing her message, Tragedy into Triumph.  

Tina’s personal motto is “Live Your Dream Now!” Listen to her song, Dream.